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By Woolybug25
steelhound wrote:
Yard Sale wrote:Worst Super Bowl ever....
As a browns fans I've never had a "good" one but this one is bad
The 49er's are down by 8 with more than a quarter to go. This game got interesting suddenly.
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By woolly bugger
defense, no more scoring!

31 - 29!
By steelhound
At 31to 29. I spoke too soon
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By franzen
Damn! I didn't even think I had a shot at this. I surely was mistaken.
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By Hogleg
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, congrats Frannie (you bastard). You want trout weenie shit or salt fag shit?
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By Mike Honcho
South fork comes in for the steal.
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By overbrook
Franny got hosed!!

Congrats Southfork....let us know where to send shitty flies! :cool
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By slapshot
Haven't seen the news, no idea who won. Lemme know where to send these flies and they'll go out this week.

glad this shit is over so i can have my facebook feed back for a few months until baseball season..
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By woolly bugger
fooking fuctball pools --- Southfork pm me your snail mail....
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By tb3.
woolly bugger wrote:fooking fuctball pools --- Southfork pm me your snail mail....
x2...and specify the shitty bugs you want, trout weenie stuff or otherwise.
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By pbrstreetgang
I've got some stuff that'll work in both warm/cold water. I don't tie for Neptune, but could definitely make a mess of easy salt. :vomit

PM your addy. I've got my daughter teaching me to draw with crayons.
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