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By Spicytuna
It was before my time (and I did not follow it) but I like the idea of earning an avitard with 100 posts. I know Average Joe took this serious. Me thinkin the tard needs to be earned.
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I think the format of the intro has never been the problem, it's the fucking person's intro itself. A rough guideline is given, and a person can make it to the end in whatever fashion they choose. A guy can just a easily post a shitty TR with 5 - 10" trout and some googled tits and a dead squirrell as he can a laundry list of requirements.

Maybe the(majority of the) latest crop of noobs isn't cutting it. It's not the intro outline, it's the people posting shit into it. Time for some tough love.....I'm retired, aside from the random cock drawing. A lot of you are fully capable to pick it up where Outcast stopped.
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By brown dog
I used to love watching newbs getting monkey shit thrown at that them. But frankly now it's just fucking stupid. It seems like half the newbs just roll in with their cocks swinging. It's fucking gay. Just show up and hang out.

I just can't imagine how the hell you would make the shift. Like changing the unwritten bi-laws of a fraternity. Hazing is still going to happen.

I'm in support of it yard, glad you brought it up, this topic always comes up when hanging out with the brothers.

just for good measure

don't even think of bringing bruce in on this action - took me forever to find a good side boob shot

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I don't think I've ever posted an intro and I've never posted a TR. The only rule I've ever lived by is Blood In - Blood Out. "That tree means east los to me ese!"

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By austrotard
I'll fucking start asking for tweed.
allow the kettle.
kettle for bonus points.

this thread is sooo new year fresh start gay... but I make you right.
tr entries.

bonus points and free apps for remembering the cool shit like pie, dsfk (r.i.p.) and t-weed.

just don't forget the kettle.
blummers prefers time lines.

disclaimer: I met kyner at a really chic party. the following day we fished for compliments. I blanked. kyner blanched. fin.
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By fallen513
So, what's your favorite five weight?

One trip, an intro does not make.

Can we get a forum for recipes?
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By T.J. Brayshaw
fallen513 wrote:

Can we get a forum for recipes?
1) Lay white bread on counter
2) Add balogna to one piece of bread.
3) Add cheese.
4) Add mustard (optional).
5) Place other bread on top.
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By blumpkin
Will there always be a place for no content posting
board whoring retrads?

I need to know if I have to rent a moving van
for my beer can collection in the basement.
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By Crick Addict
If we morph into a gentler, kinder, drake, it should be all or nothing. If we base it on
a TR,(like all the other forums), we should not ask for any other kettles or DSFK.
A lot of homosapiens do not own or wear a watch. If you want to show off your timepiece, do
it when your holding your (insert your favorite ichthyoid) in a grip and grin.
It will be a bit strange to not wield the newb club. Newb club for sale...200.00.
Last edited by Crick Addict on Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:09 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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By fallen513
Diane Feinstein is behind this shit, I know it!
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