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By Hogleg
[quote="BearsFan"]If I could see more dark haired, dark eyed, girls I would be a much happier person. A tiny bit of ink would not hurt.[/quote]

I didn't see any ink but you might be able to find some if you study it closely enough. NSFW.

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Don't get me wrong Yard...of course it's all about those things. Absolutely. Especially when all those other things help shape an actual fishing experiance or a valiant attempt. I don't care what size the fish are. Show me some high mtn Goldens; baby tarpon...I don't care, it's all good and whatever that made up the trip is all good; if it's shown halfway decent and shows effort.

Effort is the key word. And as someone who I know goes bonkers at the number of "Unlimited" threads related to anything under the sun here, I think you get what I'm saying.

To each his own; no one said we all had to come here for the exact same reason. But on the other hand I'm not sure we'd have all met Bob White if he was doing paintings of Beef Brisket....

....though in 2013 on Teh Suk Bob could surprise me. :cool
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By Yard Sale
Hank wrote:Fuk the fuk.

I quit participating in web shit a long time a go... back when a good digital camera still had a disk
Fuk schmookler and his east coast minions. I do love ol Phil castleman and he did have a thing for my ex.... fuk all the newbies that fukin take a picture of every fly they tie.....
You wanna burn one and go fishing? Wanna honk, honk on a couple a shots o goose and go fishing? I'm in. Wanna help someone learn about flyfishing/ tying? I'm in.

Wanna brag about how someone shouldn't be able to have real chatterer because they ain't worthy? Lick my wyoming born an bred scrotum.

I like the suk cuz you ain't a bunch of praise giving pussies because someone had money or opportunity that some hardworking schmuck didn't have.

Fuk yeah I melted a renzetti vise with blowtorch.... yeah I love my T&T 6wt.... yep, my Dyna king sidewinder is my fave salmon fly vise and I trust it not to fuk up my Gene Sunday 6/0 limerick. And Dave... if you see this,- fuk you and your cronies.

And if you fukin expect a fly from me in a swap.. you damn well better tie one. I don't give a shit who you are, don't tie, no fly.

Rant off... just had to let some steam off!

Hey, happy new year!
Clearly you are one bad ass internet mofo. I bet it even says so on your wallet.

How about posting some content instead of mooching off those who do?
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those can't be real..........
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By Randall Dee
[quote="Hogleg"][quote="BearsFan"]If I could see more dark haired, dark eyed, girls I would be a much happier person. A tiny bit of ink would not hurt.[/quote]

I didn't see any ink but you might be able to find some if you study it closely enough. NSFW.


Thank god for pause buttons. :cool
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By BearsFan


I have already burned up plenty of bandwith watching that thing today.
By thalweg
Randall Dee wrote:I come here for the shit fights between MB and TP.
I think mb finally seceded.
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By BearsFan
Confession: I have got 4 translators and none of them have a clue as to what a moosh is.
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By Mad_Mike
Ah... seems every year we have some sort of discussion about this shit.. I think I even started a thread something along these lines at some point ..

As one of the people who used to sit at the door and check ID's around this place I used to post alot in intro threads.. mostly when the person was a douche... Now however, perhaps for lack of time, or just getting sick of having basically the same dude/gal show up at the door over and over and over... There's only so many times you can tell people to fuck off before you just stop giving a fuck..

That being said.. I have to agree with alot that has been said here.. I say the thing that fuckin' pisses me off more than anything is not Noobs getting the intro wrong.. but noobs posting on intro threads when they've been here like 3 days... I'm one of the old guard around here now... (I think the real old guard have all died in fires...) So basically to summarize.. leave the intro process as is, (mainly because I think a TR is too small a window to properly introduce ones self) but lay the hammer down on these stupid fucks making comments on anything until they've provided content to the board...
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