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By Kylemc
Who the fuck are you? Want to row ?
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By foureyedgeek
I don't understand the crazy angles in the hammock pic, but that might just be my meds talking.
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By Pedorro
Out of focus shots make me feel old, I have hard enough time seeing shit thats in focus.

In light of the shit show around here about intros lately, you got balls. A squeeker, but I'd guess the first legit pass of 2013.
I like the idea of homegrown only in an intro. Go find some and I'll forgive the soft shots.

by wildman » Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:43 pm
If not keep hitting below the belt I'm not dead .
Thought that sounded familiar....Are you /were you Wildman? If so Wow, you do got balls. Well played. I'd be quiet for a bit and let it pass. Find a happy place, you'll live.
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By Meatwad
Chasing Natives wrote:Image
Tell me more about this pic that bacon wrapped bacon glazed in Butterworths?
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By mrl0004
I would say the coherent grammar made it nearly impossible to be wildman. Nice intro
I am most definitely not wildman. I will gladly take that sweet green stick you're trying to flip so as to ensure it is in clean hands.

Kyle I will row you to Timbuktu and back. Clear liquids welcome.
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