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Robs_Seven and I have been toying with the idea of hosting a Bake slap dab in the middle of Meth/Moonshining country (Ashe County NC/Grayson Co VA 5 miles from E TN). The fishing possibilities (especially for trout weenies) are endless because of the following:
The location with cabin (Robby owns the joint) and enough space for a small army is:
3 miles from the VA Border with some outstanding trout streams all around
20 Miles from The New (small mouth/carp/dodgy escapee pelletheads and musky locale)
60 Miles from the Soho and Watauga (TN)
Right on one heck of a trout stream with over 8 miles of public access.
Not to mention, it's 40 miles from Steelrain's firing range, so all you gunners can go shoot some shit up.
We'll be cooking up breakfast and dinner each evening, there will be enough fire wood to burn down Ashe Co, a porta-shitter, shower facility, all y'all gotto do is bring your own snacks whilst you fish, booze, hookers/midgets and tent/bote/trailer. I can carpool anyone between Raleigh and Winston Salem (I-40 corridor). I will run shuttle for any boaters since the Xterra has a tow hitch and provide maps to anyone who wants to fish the hundred or so bluelines in the 30 mile radius. Don't forget it's close to one of VA's top trout streams (no fucking hotspotting)

Sign up here:
Robs_Seven + 1 lurker 18 thru 21
Tranny + 2 lurkers 18 thru 21
Raz + 1 lurker - In 19-21
JonH 18-20
Justthetippet - 18 thru 21
Da Ax + 1 lurker - 19-21
Steelrain202 - 20-21
Vaku - 20-21
Finchaser - IN (confirm dates)
Woolly Bugger - IN (confirm dates)
Flyonlife IN (confirm dates)
Dr Spaceman - IN (confirm dates)
Chidester - In (confirm dates)
Socks - In (confirm dates)
Bully (out :sad: )
Ultimate 12
El Jeffe
Terd Ferguson
Da Ax
Our pal, Streamer
MRL0004 :?:
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I'm in...I am going to try and get a surgery done at the VA (yeah I know) but if that doesn't cause an issue I'd like to come.
My family will be up, my old man will be primarily taking care of the food for breakfast and dinner each day. Our place is not fancy and not much more then glorified camping but it has a decent location. Its a work in progress to say the least. Had Tranny post this up since he is more established then my newbie ass.

Here is the area we have to work with as far as space.

Here is whats spitting distance from the back porch
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Looks great...just my kind of place.
I'm in for this. Been a few years since I've fished the stream next to the Creeper Trail and I've been thinking about it lately. And since Tranny and I recently buried the hatchet, we won't even have to fight or anything...

Hopefully Marty can make this as well.
No fish in that place.... :coffee

I'd love to go but I get back from the Abacos on the 18th so will likely have to play catch up when I get back.... Should be some good hatches going off that of time of year over there tho!! Scoot it back a few weeks and you might catch the coffin flies, jis saying? Is the cabin you speak of, the one they rent out in the valley that is literally the last house before nat forest and trail take off upstream???
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