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If I'm in town count me in. That area is my backyard! Also if anyone is looking to throw streamers to some big leroys there's some good water for it. That is if flows permit.
I could be down for this...I'd have to check things our further as we get closer....

I'd be coming in from the north, so anyone who wants to pool up from that area, let me know.
Socks wrote:Im hurt my name has not been added yet
Don't feel too hurt, Im butt hurt that you have a musky and I don't. It would help if I actually went on a bote and floated atop water with musky in it a couple thousand times :bomb
Added you to the list of delinquents :cool
I'm a maybe. Can I catch more fish while on meth?
If Heero commits, I will show and fish Delta Spey lines and traditional Atlantic Salmon flys (doubles)
for the whole fucking shindig.

I will also sniff glue... Or huff gasoline.

I will also be available for tax preparation... File your extensions NOW!!!

truth be told I am going to start a competing West Coast Leopard Shark bake.
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