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By Fishwater
I grew up in STL in the 80s idolizing Ozzie Smith. My dad grew up in the fifties in STL idolizing "The Man". In fact, my dad used to go out on dates with his daughter in high school. I got to meet him once about 15-20 years ago. He was as nice and as gracious as can be. I'll never forget it.

Here's to you Stan. :cool

Here's the guy I listened to on KMOX, even after I moved South, talking about Stan.

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By ScottP
Sip poured. It's been a sad day for baseball.
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By fatman

remember him playing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on the harmonica
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By RaZ
sip poured for a fellow insane athlete from western PA.
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By BigTimber
sip poured....and a fitting outcome to the home opener for the blues.....they blanked the redwings 6-0. RIP Stan.
By J Bird
I'm too young to have seen him play live, but I had the pleasure of meeting him at the ballpark more than once and he seemed to be a great guy still.

I couldn't begin to count the nights I spent listening to Jack Buck call the game when I could've watched it on TV instead.

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By Bobwhite

I grew up in Belleville, just across the river. The Cards were a huge part of our lives, and dinner at Musial & Biggies was the best. What a guy... he never let us down.

Rest in Peace.
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By Endemic
Sip poured for Stan Musial. I'm glad I met him in STL and got his autograph. This is sad day I never forget him. He's a beast
By thalweg
Whenever work ethic was discussed in my world, Stans name was always one of the first ones brought up and still is. Never saw him play baseball but I saw him play the harmonica a lot and shook his hand once. It feels like we lost a member of the family in our house.
Go Stan Go. :cool
By Jed
In his time when others were drinking carousing and doing all sorts of things he was "the man" in every sense of the word.

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By tb3.
Never got to see on the field, but I grew up in St. Louis- and Stan was an big part of that town long after he quit playing. Truly a class act- not just a great baseball player, but a genuinely good person.

It's always tough learning the folks you've looked up to have passed...but man, what a way to live :cool
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By Woolybug25
The Man did it right in every sense of the word. As a kid, growing up a couple hours outside of Chicago, most of my friends thought I was nuts being a Cards fan. I guess I am still getting the last laugh.

Musial was the first guy my grandfather introduced me to as a kid. He made me a Cards fan. Watching old films with my grandfather were my first sportsfan memories. The Man will always be a special part of my life. RIP.[…]

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