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By Casey B
Sick of the fukin cold. Been in a deep freeze for a few weeks now.


Make the best of it,


25 Degrees but needed to head out to some moving water,


Took the scenic route,


A little Pre-Game,


Might as well fish,


Went from the meat to traditional streamer,


Fuk it is still cold,

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By foureyedgeek
Really nice photos, thanks for sharing.
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By Pedorro
Dude, that was like a nice dinner mint.
Way to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
Here's to you my friggid friend. :cool
I feel your pain but don't share your resolve to do anything about it.
I'm sticking to the basement by the fire with some very old sipping rum untill I get reacclimatized.
You sir are the man! Carry on...
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By Redchaser
When the desire to fish overcomes common sense (or the self preservation instinct) it can be a beautiful thing. Thank you sir!
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By CarpeTructa
Part of the reason I left MA for CA years ago right there. Looks nice in pictures though - thanks for sharing. :cool
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By blumpkin
It is my duty as "blump mod" to request that you take "shit"
out of the subject line of your thread.

Or Jed will ban you.

Nice TR!!!

It has been in the -20s with 20mph sustained winds
A few times this last week in NoDak.

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