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By fallen513
Yeah, but did you get any snow up there?

That pic of the rain on the snow pack road made me pucker up a bit. We get an inch of snow down here and everyone shits themselves and calls off work.

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By Junglecock
The beer came out alright but if your taking pic's of the sunset through a growler you aren't catching. I stared at this for a while yesterday.
mendthatshit87 wrote:[report]
Took me like 6 cups of coffee but i went out in my skiff.


Wasn't that fun.
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By Yard Sale
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By K_P
I will never complain about how much snow we get here again.

Oh, bullshit--yes I will! Sure glad I don't have to shovel as much as you do.

Excellent report good sir! :cool

It's Wednesday, you dolt.

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