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By backbone
I made a trip up to New Orleans to see if I could find some bull reds.
We found this place first.
Got out the next day to bluebird skies and light wind. I know epic is really overused these days, but it was nothing short of it!
We doubled up three or four times and even tripled up twice.
Too bad there wasnt another person to take the pic of the triple.
I fish Tampa Bay regularly, So I was really shocked at how aggresive these fish were! They charged the fly and ate with reckless abandon!!
We had to celibrate a great day on the water!
The End
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By Bears Fan
I had a brief discussion with your guide on the finer points of mustache growing on the dock at Venice Marina in November, nice guy. We will have to remember to buzz his skiff and toss him a few beers on our tarpon trip. Give the dude with the FSU sweatshirt a high five for me!
bluebird skies and light wind.
BTW, I hate you.
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By woolly bugger
tasty, from start to finish
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By elkhair
love being able to get drunk on the cheap after a good day of fishing. nice fish. thanks for sharing.
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By Mangina
Damn fine right there!

Spent four nights on Bourbon with a mission to find the best bread pudding. Ate it for lunch and dinner. Math comes to 8 servings.

The results were conclusive- Acme Oyster Bar has the very best with a classic bourbon sauce and consuming large amounts of bread pudding will make you fat. Who knew?

Great fishery down there. Congrats on getting the planets aligned for good weather. Only problem with that fishery. Day drinking on Bourbon always a good fall back option though.

Thanks for sharing!
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By overbrook
#512310 of these days.
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By V Wake
overbrook of these days.
My thoughts exactly.
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By vaku
yea, that looks like fun. looks like you had a good trip all around.
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By Pedorro
Lotsa good stuff there Backbone.
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By fatman
thanks for that. headed Souf in da mornin' :smile
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