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By west_jay
First salty session ever, early March. Moon points to 10th or 11th. Figured a stab at bones would surely break my spirit, maybe my cherry.
Staying in Guana Cay, but lurker buddy & I figuring in a full-day out of Abaco.
Guide recommends??? ...DIY on the Cay recommends???

Tech talk; bringing my Red.CPS 1084, but need line (prob. 9wt.) I can proDeal some SA stuff, but the Rio Quickshooter looks like it might better for a sloppy retard. Thoughts?? (Sounds like line, terminal tackle, flies, etc., is virtually non-existant in these 'burgs.?)

Thanks in advance!

For your time....
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By Surly
Ricky Sawyer, he's on Green Turtle Cay but we've had him pick us up at Treasure Cay the last few times. Maybe talk him into picking you up? Great guide, great time, good jokes.

If you're looking for DIY options on the big island shoot me a pm.

Don't miss Nippers, but I bet you knew that.
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By Bears Fan
That pool is just one of the things I would like to be in in that photo. Is the 1084 a ten footer? I bought the 9' for a friend, it really fishes well with the sage equator 2 line (8wt). Easy to find on the cheap. Just remember your first salt trip should be about getting drunk enough to blame it for not casting well or trout setting too often. This is where you light the kindling that eventually turns into a well built fire. Have a good time!

I think I used to date that bird in the bottom photo, did you lift that from my pc?
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By stonedfly
Rick Sawyer x2, good dude and will put you on some big fish.
By thalweg
I have fished with Rick sawyer a few times. Great guide. But as a first timer I would seriously consider fishing the west side, there is only one man I would fish with over there... Justin Sands. He is the man in the marls. If you are cool he may just show you one of the coolest things you will ever experience in the salt. Will send a pm later after I have had my supper.
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By Sluice Box
Buddy Pinder (aka the Bahamian bigfoot) for the Marls is my personal favorite. Jealous
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By stonedfly
I would also recommend MacIntosh. He simply knows where the fish are. He also fishes the westside but not the Marls proper (north a bit). His sons, who he uses when he's overbooked and its not lobster season, are not half the guide their father is...
By Surly
We went out with one of Macintosh's sons. Don't do it.
By Palometa
Another nod for OD, his old eyes still see very well.
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By west_jay
Thanks for help fellas!!! I'll do my best to bring back something worthy for the winter-bound.
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PM sent (hope it works...). I don't have much intel other than get drunk at Nippers.
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By The Volfish
JRH wrote:PM sent (hope it works...). I don't have much intel other than get drunk at Nippers.

Post the video.

Do it!

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