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By Spicytuna
Some good hard core shit and I dig it the most, good work man.

The suk coming through lately with some quality TR's must mean spring is coming or were some hard core mo fo's that can't wait that long to wet a line.

Cheers man :cool
By thalweg
Nice work kp. You steelheaders sure are gluttons for punishment. I gotta give that a shot someday. :cool
By Kylemc
Great read KP. Thanks.
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By fatman
just found this. very fine. :bow
By WAwhitefish
Not too bead.

Oops sorry. I meant, not too bad man.

My 3 pronged unsolicited unwanted and questionably useful advice for ya is to (1) keep it up, (2) don't let that Echo reel's drag get wet, and (3) repeat this (to yourself or out loud) on every swing "tick, tick, boom" while grooving to this beat.

Gotta love the two'fer....very nice.

:smile :smile :smile

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