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dear justin,

fuck you, mate.


ps. please pm me the finer wonga details for such an adventure when you sober up. cheers.
oh, and I added water to my tally 57 in tassie. so fuck you again.
Holy shit J, that was so cool I can't even get my head around it right now.

A most excellent TR that I'll be checking out a few more times.

Congrats man and thanks for sharing that with us.
Just incredible. :cool :cool :cool

Congrats J!
Oh Justin, while I certainly could say that right about now I hate you, I just can't. The fact is, I don't hate you, I am just super envious! What a great trip and a great report! Epic can certainly be used when referring to the trip in the future!

Well fucking done!

Check and see if you need a photographer along on your next trip! Just kidding. No, I'm not kidding
Dog, J......That ain't no grilse there you've captured Bud.....Spectacular and Stupendous....That Bar shot, 'skey for lunch, and a Scottish Atlantic.....I'm envious beyond belief.....Added to the list......A momentous trip for sure.....Well done....

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