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By Kylemc
Loved the TR. I need to get back down there.

My next boat will be just like that. Hear me Todd?
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By foureyedgeek
I'll buy yer drifter Kyle.
By Kylemc
foureyedgeek wrote:I'll buy yer drifter Kyle.
3 Rivers Angler beat you too it.

It was TXFLY boat anyway, I just had it for 5 months
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By foureyedgeek
Thats what I get for sitting on this camera.
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By D-nymph
Nice boat and quality postings, Mr. Fatman.

Two things:
1. Of course DRC gets the girls in his boat, it's all about the "G'day", as I'm sure he told you.
2. That boat will always sound like: "The Good ship Penis" to me.

By Kylemc
D-nymph wrote: 2. That boat will always sound like: "The Good ship Penis" to me.

Well me too, now.
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By D-nymph
BTW, Kyle has his own Appalachian verion of the G'day going.

It goes something like this: "Hi, I'm Kyle".

Then panties fall off.

I've seen it, it's incredible. Some of you know & some of you probably think I'm kidding.

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By ncguy
It's true, but it's also widely known that he uses his super power for good not evil.
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By fatman
Kyle gets bow cap in my bote; I'll row.....Skanky for comic relief :smile
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By Aguirre
Hey!! I live in the ol dirty place too!
Don't forget about good ol Ags next time a mission is had.
And I like spey polling.
I feel left out.
Hey Fran, good boy.
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