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You've all lost your minds, once again. NC State takes the whole show this year for sure!
Well the hill toppers with the Harley guy look pretty good .

They beat the mildcats soundly and are headed to ol rocky top next.

This will be a good game for sure.

Ill entertain some friendly wagers from a few of y'all vols if ya feel up to it.

Just know I've adopted bobby p and his boys until Gus gets things squared away down on the plains
Current line is 13 BM. I'll wager an unhunted coca RNT stickered Original vs. whatever you feel is equal that UT equals or beats the the current 13 spread. Check recruiting over the last four years for both schools. If Butch can't beat that spread he'll be out in two seasons.

I'm picking the Vols to go undefeated and beat Ole Miss in the SEC Championship. They'll then meet a one loss Alabubba squad I the BCS Championship and bookend the BCS by winning the first and last. Saban will become a stoner and move to Jamaica.
NC State is undefeated this year.

jus saying...
Muddled Duck wrote:Saban will become a stoner and move to Jamaica.
I just like this part.

BM, Gus has made some drastic improvements, but we have a ways to go. I'm going to the MS State game in a couple of weeks, and hope we get our first (and hopefully not the last) SEC win for the year. I am thinking we go 7-5. Hell, I just hope we beat Arky State this weekend. I bet they give us all we want and then some.
mrl0004 wrote:
Muddled Duck wrote:Saban will become a stoner and move to Jamaica.
I just like this part.
I've officially joined the Nick Saban diet.

Two Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies in the morning.

Iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and turkey.

And a sensible dinner.

For dessert, watching Oregon State get curb stomped by
Eastern Washington on DVR.

My God, the satisfied feeling is almost like sleeping with
Nemo's girlfriend.
Ain't she cute?

Same size 'tron as LSU, and a brand new football facility,
this is why a losing season won't hurt us. Still the top
recruiting school and football facilities in the MWC.

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