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Another season come and gone, my oh my...

Got out for one last futile go at it.
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Ended on one of my favorite pieces of water
Last Run.jpg
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Time to spend some time at the vise and get ready for them winter fishes
E Tying.jpg
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Cheers ya'lls.
there are few things in this world that taste better than the last glass of 'livet 15.

fifteen year olds is where it's at.
I like to pop their sherries.

I bet I busted by the stoopid police now.
You should move to Bama and consider a life in politics.
Those drumstick streamers are incredibly realistic.
tonight it's: escaping from the eldest's christmas band pageant or whatever the fuck they're calling it this year.

but in a few minutes it's: walkabout and getting high with the black bastard.

I have no tea.
send help. or jose.
I swear on my kid's lives: benson knows how to roll down his window.

freaked the shit out of me.
well, most of it.

disclaimer: button automated. if he had thumbs he'd rule the world.
"Actually, do you need anything else shipped while we're at it? Simms is 10 minutes away... If you need something I could order it, go pick it up, give you a total to paypal to me, and then just send you a package. Let me know, otherwise I'll just check on a small box to send that..."

I'm falling for a fella on spey pages.
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