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austrotard wrote: Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:57 am sticking it to those city cunts after being down 2-0 at halftime.


seriously. fuck those guys.
cricket season. again?
Mr. AW will be gracing my presence this Saturday.

This makes me very happy
speybait wrote: Thu May 17, 2018 9:14 pm
root wad wrote: Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:14 pm P3260132.jpgHere ya go RD. I really cannot believe I chose to wait this long. Now has anyone seen my other shoe?
What kind a pup is that, Root?
English Cocker Spaniel. As was the Poondog.
[quote=fatman post_id=679439 time=1501553687 user_id=10307]
[quote=austrotard post_id=679433 time=1501553030 user_id=18901]
elizabtice has been selected for the state team lacrosse.

state championships are in pertharoo end of this year.

next year she jumps an age category and most likely will not make the team as she will be too wee.

and I won't have to travel.


give the lass a pat on the head from Uncle Fatman

[size=50]I hope she makes the team next year, cunt[/size]

so this is your fault then.

"so... what do you want to do when elizabtice and mum go to melbourne? shall we go camping?" I asked scarleywarleys.

'yeah... nah. I think I'll go with them.'

they chop my money.

I'm the second fella in the glasses if you honkies were a-wunnering.

I'm not sure what my name is.
you and Benson can share a Caesar Salad :wink
I am looking after a friends gods for the week, I have known both since they were pups. The pit is cranky, stubborn and wants all the attention. The golden retriever was recently diagnosed with a blood cancer that has made him increasingly lethargic though still care free and dopey. Both love to eat shit and roll in dsfk whenever opportunity arrises. I'll never forget a few years back while fishing with them the golden took the lead on the trail. Thats odd, I remember thinking as he's usually bringing up the rear...I got to the top of the ridge just in time to watch him barrel roll into the rotting rib cage of a deer carcass. He was so happy and proud of his new scent.

Having them around reminds me how lucky I am that my god doesn't particularly like eating shit. And though he has rolled in a few dsfk's he generally passes by with just a smell, or at least pauses long enough giving me a chance to intervene. This makes me happy.

From a few years back, mid winter mind you, golden god thought the low 40's water temp felt quite refreshing.
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man, I miss mine. But this makes me happy-thank you.
double post
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