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By D-nymph
Nice fish! Good post, Chad, both of the last two were good. :cool
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By foureyedgeek
Nice man, way to multi-task.
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By bullship
D-nymph wrote:Nice fish! Good post, Chad, both of the last two were good. :cool
Yeah. The ones before that sucked balls
By steelhound
bringing this one back
[report]today the weather man said blah blah blah. all I heard was "go fishing and take the little man along." im so glad that I listened to that weather man.
him and I walked about 4 miles today. (he's getting heavy) but we did have an encounter of the bronze kind.
shortly after that I broke off and since I was packing light I had no more leader so this portion of our adventure was over. and we walked back
and we saw our first signs of spring
his mom wanted to go shopping so I managed to talk her into stopping by the fly shop on the way. man, today is getting good. after the lady chores were done we loaded up the pick-up and headed to grandma's house.
then came the cool part
and that was a wrap. here's to spring :cool[/report]
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By ironman
That was good. Thanks.
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By blumpkin
Chock full of Young Stowny goodness...
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By fatman
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By Pedorro
Great reportage. Looks like good times.
Hope the funk is gone.
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By RaZ
right on buddy!
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