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By west_jay
Way to hang in and SET!

Looks like you've put on some weight. :Roll Eyes
By Kylemc
I did not catch a fish, I did have a blast.

Towee,3RA,Fly South,Primo Tail, thanks for a great time. Also, thanks to Willen for driving me around all weekend on land and in water.
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By Hogleg
Strong showing fellas!

[/beer glass cheers thingy]
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By steelrain202
i really wanted to go but I was in Greensboro buying firearms
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By Gremlin
that looks really cool, I dream of a river trip like that .
By Yiman
It was nice meeting a few of y'all at the Southern Classic. I wish Eric and I had boated a fish to put Team Yoda on the board but it was not to happen. Although, plenty of good times were had without the fish. And at least we had clearish water. I enjoyed 4 different untaxed liquors over the weekend too. I gotta get up to WI this Fall.

Cheers, to Southern Musky and the Musky Tribe as a whole.

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By jhnnythndr
Awesome. Well played. Makin it matter fuckos
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By Aguirre
Congrats Socks!! Super stoked for you. I know how hard those things are to catch any less find.
Bravo son.
When we fishin?
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By kamikaze74
Good to see you fish bums and to meet some new ones, next time hopefully I will be on the water with you guys.

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