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By Highstickin

I've spent the last couple of days walking the "flats" chasing golden bones. I usually fish for them in rivers but, found that walking the flats is almost like being in Bahamas minus the Conch fritters and Sands.



Hadn't seen this in awhile.


This is one of the cooler Mirrors I've caught.

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By DeShootnestGent'man
Right neat. Do they tail or are you looking for wakes/"trembling water" (in bahamian parlance). Seems very much like bone fishing to me and scenery is relative... all about appreciation for time in country.
By Highstickin
Thanks Deshootn. I've been looking for nervous water and other signs for where the fish are. I've seen a few tails.
By Highsticken
ghey music, gheyer name, cool fish though.

Damn, I'm so uncool, I didn't even get banned.

Continue Sir, this is all good🤜🤜

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