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Average Joe
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Re: Pour a sip

Post by Average Joe » Mon May 20, 2013 5:15 pm

That's way too young. Way too young.

My condolences to you and your family.

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Re: Pour a sip

Post by Bruiser » Mon May 20, 2013 5:21 pm

Very sorry SOBF. Far too young indeed.
That sounds awesome in my ears!! (P-A)

we were basking in goodness here with our everyday drivel that we enjoy.... the rest of this is horseshit, flybug.pa.

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Re: Pour a sip

Post by Spicytuna » Mon May 20, 2013 5:25 pm

B I am terribly sorry to hear of the loss. Such a young age to go man, sometimes people are needed upstairs sooner than others. Good on him for being a donor so that he can live in in others. Thats a sad loss my friend my condolences to your family.

Will pour a sip for sure buddy, you hang in there.
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Re: Pour a sip

Post by Bigguy » Mon May 20, 2013 5:28 pm

So very sorry. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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Re: Pour a sip

Post by BigTimber » Mon May 20, 2013 5:34 pm

sorry to hear man. I went way too many times head over heels on my bmx bike without a helmet. Dog speed my friend.
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Randall Dee
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Re: Pour a sip

Post by Randall Dee » Mon May 20, 2013 5:51 pm

Deepest condolences B. Sad news.

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Scary Mc
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Re: Pour a sip

Post by Scary Mc » Mon May 20, 2013 6:08 pm

I'm sorry for y'alls loss. I've been in that boat and have a fair grasp on what your brother is feeling. Please help to make sure that will get the help he is going to need and he will need help.

I'll pour some out this eve.
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Re: Pour a sip

Post by Bobwhite » Mon May 20, 2013 7:02 pm

I can't imagine anything more difficult.

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
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Re: Pour a sip

Post by SOBF » Mon May 20, 2013 7:55 pm

Good on him for being a donor so that he can live in in others.
I spoke to my brother a few hours ago and some of my nephews organs are going to TN. Sounds like his parts will be spread about the country. Thanks for all the sips poured. I appreciate it.

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Re: Pour a sip

Post by foureyedgeek » Mon May 20, 2013 8:10 pm

Goddamn, will do.
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Re: Pour a sip

Post by Mattb » Mon May 20, 2013 8:30 pm

Christ. Sip poured. My thoughts go out to the whole family.
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cool manchu
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Re: Pour a sip

Post by cool manchu » Mon May 20, 2013 8:58 pm

Sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
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