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By franzen
Woolybug25 wrote:Are you going to finish your swap flies before this voyage?
That I will. Speaking of which, I need you're addy.
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By Spicytuna
Good for you kid, glad you get to live it up while you can. Update as you can up there though you prob will not have much internet access. We now get to live through you, don't disappoint kid. I have a good feeling you will not.

Good luck and have fun :cool
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Good luck up north, Alaska is the one big regret I have from guiding in that I never made it there. Glad you wont have the same issue late in life.

Got your bear gun ready? :gun
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By Bruiser
CarelessEthiopian wrote: Testes Park
Ha Ha! And I'm aware that I need to get out more often.
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By The Po Thead
Good luck up in the Bay my friend!

The brown bears aren't to bad to deal with around here, and if you give them their space they will give you yours.

Most of the time......

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