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By Streamer
ncguy wrote:Not just any old...but Catherine Zeta Jones'.

Yer Pal,
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By jhnnythndr
But they fail to leave that twang in your mouth the following morning should you survive.

The tingle lets you know it's working. Listerine is your friend boys.
By Truchero
jdub wrote:Which is why young boys should get the anti-HPV vaccine (Gardasil ) just like their sisters should and do. HPV is a human-specific could go extinct like small pox and potentially polio with world wide vaccination.

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By Bears Fan
Bobwhite wrote:"I don't always get throat cancer... but when I do, it's from munching on Catherine Zeta Jones"
I cried.
By midstream
I have had my immunizations, so I can munch at will.
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By Fleet Daddy
I'd wreck that in a heartbeat or die trying....literally.....I'd need a Cialis drip running wide open to keep going.....LOL

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By RaZ
apparently its not from catherine... im not sure if im happy or sad about that...
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By jhnnythndr
I definitely prefers her with hpv- spreading it irresponsibly even. Without it she's just conventionally hot- with it she is dangerous.
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By austrotard
Jed wrote:You can munch at will, he's munching at Catherin Zeta's.
this is gold.
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