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By ScottP
Going to be in the market for a used 4x4 (necessary) pretty soon. Any suggestions among the big 4 - (including Toyota)? Trying to keep the cost under $10,000 so I'm not expecting anything with low mileage. Thanks. As payment here's an 8-legged goat in full summer shed; very rare.

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By cantfishforshit.
Not one of the big 4 but I love my Cherokee. Plenty of room and towing capacity.
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By jhnnythndr
Really??? Half ton pick ups - and you offer up Cherokees???

It's not a half Ton pickup- but Gary Anderson makes some sweet fucking Spey rods- check em out.
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By overbrook
I thought this was gonna be about fat chicks.
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By Redchaser
My experience with my old dodge pickup was enough for me to suggest you stay the fuck away from Dodge. I really like ford f150's.
By lownslow
listen, if you buy anything other than a Tundra you have some serious issues. its a 3/4 ton in a 1/2 ton class. it contains the highest percentage of american made parts and is the only truck built in texas. Reliability, cost of ownership, performance and MPG are class leading. Period.
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Although the Cherokee is a fine automobile, I would go with the 1990 Cutlass, myself. We happen to have one right over here, and boy is it sweet. Low miles, limited edition bronze paint, with tru-coat, and new tires. She's a beaut.....let's go talk numbers.
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1. can'tpostforshit: shut up.

2. Dude....pickup trucks? Is this Popular fucking Mechanics? If there is anything on the internet that has been exhausted beyond comprehension, it is automobiles. Type in "1/2 Ton Pickup Truck Reviews" on google, and you can spend the rest of your life reading about that topic.

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By Crick Addict
jhnnythndr wrote:Really??? Half ton pick ups - and you offer up Cherokees???

It's not a half Ton pickup- but Gary Anderson makes some sweet fucking Spey rods- check em out.

while we're on the subject of spey rods, Brain Calhoun and Randall Ray at Rockbridge Guitars are building
some amazing instruments!
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By MTgrayling
Some advice.

If you see a half ton chick at the bar, don't try to pick her up. Run away man, run away.
By catfish
Assuming you need an open bed as in pick up...if not last year of Chev twodoor Tahoe...otherwise any Chev/Ford stick 8 with really need 4whl?...your best deal will be a stick, bench seats highway dept interior and green metallic paint...painted bumpers
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