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For instance, someone could place a piece of meatloaf in front of me then proclaim, "This is the world's greatest piece of meatloaf. It has been prepared by French culinary geniuses and experts and critics everywhere agree there is no finer loaf of meat, perfect as is, and needing no additional flavors or condiments", and I would reply, "Bring me the ketchup".
oh, fuck off.
I've no time for this nonsense.

here's two things that don't go together... folk trying to sort a trip abroad and some fucking cosplay twat planting seeds trying to spoil my good time.
fucking narc.
stay out of reyjavik if you know what's good for you. narc.

(fancy basing our trip on shit from you read on new brunswick. you're an asshole. just like can'tcan'tforcan't.)

ah... mate.... like you fucking know anything.
fuck off.

no offence.

what exactly is a 'meat loaf?.. you're having me on... surely.

why didn't anybody make me 'meatloaf'?
I've been there (like) twice... I mean seriously... how fucking retarded are your missus's?
jfwy. we've a 'meatloaf'.

but you don't want it.

just look what it did to our colonial brothers.
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bacon and eggs.

or bacon and tomato.

or bacon.

Also, i'll have to paypal you postage. LOL

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