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By Kylemc
PM on the way.
By Kylemc
I forgot to ask, Can you row?

By Kylemc
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By Muddled Duck
East Tennessee? As far east as Parsons and Paris, or will you be closer to Lexington?
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By D-nymph
Kylemc wrote:Maniac
That guy is awesome. Does he still have the freaky mullet hair?
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By Muddled Duck
Glista wrote:
Muddled Duck wrote:East Tennessee? As far east as Parsons and Paris, or will you be closer to Lexington?
Johnson City area.
Sorry Glista. My comment was mostly for the real ETN guys. I'm on precisely the opposite end of the state. I lived in Johnson City several years ago, and it should be beautiful now. Hope you have a blast.

Go Vols.
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By steelrain202
i am over the mtn in boone we have a kick ass brewery here.
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By befuddled

A couple of pointer here:

2) When staying at Maniacs, dont take your shoes off in any carpeted area. There's a tying station in every roon and hooks go astray.
2)>b When Maniac says lets go get some pizza. Go get some pizza.
A. I have never fished with Kyle though we have similar friends and similar "I'd stab them in the fuck's". So Plan on me trying to intercept this shindig and crash for a day (or as long as a day lasts the first time me and Kyle fish together). together: that word looks fucked up for some reason tonight.

Bring meth repellent aka pistol.

I'll bring two in case you don't have one. But I may be still at the pizza joint with maniac, so just bum roll me and take one.

that keith richards meme is greatness.

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