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Blind squirrel looking for a nut here. I'm Leaving KC Sunday morning and heading to San Antonio area to visit some of the wifes family for a day or so and then continuing on South to the coast for a few days of R&R. Not a fishing trip unfortunately but I've already got the bug in her ear that she can plan on sleeping in and ordering room service at least one morning we're down there. Plan on being in the Port Isabel area and wondered as to the accessibility for a wade fisherman to get into any fish. Obviously reds or trout would be awesome but I'm not picky about species , just like to get bent.
I know there are lots of beaches in the area but I'm thinking that's not where my quarry will be??
Any advice greatly appreciated.
A little something for your trouble.....
thats a bit farther south than i ventured when i lived there, but while in slamantonio go to chris madrids for a phenomenal burger
I drank beer at POC once. But only in the morning. Mostly, I drank bourbon. But I also saw a couple acre wide school of redfish in the middle of winter. Of course, I can't help you find them, but it was cool to see.

And Tx breakfast burritos are fucking awesome. The homemade doughnuts on every corner aren't too bad either. But The coffee is shit in those fuckhole towns. So find some good coffee stouts before you get into the coast and just drink those with your breakfast burritos. Or do like I did and drink bourbon in your nasty gas station coffee.

Either way, life is gonna be fine as soon as you get on that scooter.
head across the bridge to spi and fish the jetty. Tarpon will still be there, possible snook, kings, smacks, jacks, reds, trout, ladyfish. there is no telling what you'll catch but for a quick morning trip that is your best bet.
I'm pretty sure they have blocked the wade access in Port Isabel. There used to be a place you could walk in at Laguna Vista. Good good for specs and reds. You might be able to wade behind the Walmart as well. Check with the fly shop. The jetties at Andy Bowie park are cool but if you have some time drive around to the Boca Chica jetties. Used to be that there were a lot fewer folks there. If you have a beach worthy vehicle you can drive up the island on the beach looking for cuts and fish them. You can almost always catch whiting in the back side of sand bars any where along the beach. Square grouper come in pretty regularly along the beach as well.
steelrain202 wrote:thats a bit farther south than i ventured when i lived there, but while in slamantonio go to chris madrids for a phenomenal burger
X2 on chris Madrids. The Porkys burger is awesome. Or get some crispy dogs, super nachos and a schooner of cold beer from M.K. Davis. But since they re-did the old pearl brewery there is a awesome restaurant called La Gloria. The margaritas will kick your ass and the street tacos are great. And you cant forget the breakfast on a bun at Whataburger.

Crispy Dogs

La Gloria Street Tacos

Thanks guys...great information , all of it. Now I'm not only looking forward to maybe sticking a fish or two , I'm also thinking about some of that good food!!
Keep it coming....I truly appreciate the advice. :cool
If you have the dough for a guide, I'd look up Capt. Eric Glass.
He'll do anything you want, from reds on the flats to snook in the ship channel, or the jetties.
Sorry, can't help you that far south w/ walk-in opportunities.
If you've never fished salt flats, a guide is a good investment the first time out.
Good luck.
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