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By Glista
I've been reading all this crap about fish porn lately, fish porn on the TBD DVD, tarpon porn on this video, trout porn on this DVD and so on and so on. So I thought the Drake should have its own fish porn thread. Just strait fish porn, no grip and grin fagy hero shots, just the fish the hole fish and nothing but the fish. Well, if it's a good headshot or something like that I guess it doesn't have to have the entire fish in it. Cool catch and release shots. I think you all know what I mean. So anyway, put your cool fish porn pictures here. I'll get things going with the shot below.Charlie.
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By Jon
:cool: :eek: Thanks, Charlie. I'm also sick and tired of "hero" shots.
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By SageBrush
How's this?n S.B.
ImageNot mine....

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By coolconman
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By FliesOnly
By Bearmon
By Nubbs
Damn S.B., that there is one pretty fish, killer pic. Image

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By coolconman
Long time ago, Anglerman posted these pics of WY Golden Trout. It is worth seeing again. Hope you don't mind Anglerman. Image

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By TX.
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Bonus points for the Blue Hole. :cool

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