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By Flyonlife
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By fatman
we have reached a new low point when this takes up space on Teh Suk :coffee
By Flyonlife
Yeah I fucked up on this. It doesn't deserve its own thread. This isn't the fly fishing E Channel
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By MTgrayling
fatman wrote:we have reached a new low point when this takes up space on Teh Suk :coffee
Ahh come on. You know we all wanted to do her. Now that the chance is gone her career is kaput.
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By CharlieJenkem

Congrats to the happy couple I suppose, but suddenly I'm yearning for a good 5wt discussion. Maybe I'll check on Jerome's rain slicker thread after all
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By Gremlin
are you saying you follow April on Twitter?
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FlyonAnnoyingness, take it easy with the non-stop posts. Very few people can pull that shit off, and Shunned ain't one of them (not to mention can'tpost/fish/paintforshit)....if you're craving attention, I'm sure the local soup kitchen has multiple people waiting for a lad like you, although they may be serving the hot dogs this time.
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By blumpkin
I am officially ready to fight Raffa.

The BM Barrelcooker training program has me in the best shape ever...
Better than when I was USMC... Better than last winter in the ND oil fields.

On behalf of all the no content board whores.

I am coming to get you Raffa.

You better buddy up with Slave real quick.
He is the only Drakian who might be able to save you.

flyontrustfund turned his first salt water trip into Roosters,
whilst you were shitting in the bushes at a Miami bus stop.

Now flyoncluelessness is headed to the OP to fish with an OG... MT Grayling.
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By Mike Honcho
What is that? A turquoise ring, pussy.
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