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By Banned
Originally posted by Big Timber:n [QB] They are a white trash status symbol. Apparently, the more bullet holes you have is indirectly proportional to the number teeth one has
Did you know the toothbrush was invented in upstate NY?If it was invented anyplace else, it would have been called the teethbrush.
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By Ajax
Bullet hole decals are a hot item on the north side of Flint for aspiring gangstas who haven't earned the real deal yet. No joke.
By Vlad d'Impaler
I did a fly in to a very remote area of the state 2 summers ago for some Westslope fishing. We were loading our gear in, and sure enough, I noticed three of those stupid bullet hole decals on the tail of the plane. I pointed them out to my buddy, and we chuckled, the pilot overheard us laughing, looked at what we were talking about, and said, take a closer look.They were real! Evidently, some jack-ass had gotten drunk and driven onto the rural airstrip late one night and started shooting randomly into the darkness, resulting in several planes being hit. We got THAT version of the story AFTER he said it was from pot farmers which we were going to fly over that day. Funny guy.
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By Ajax
Saw a sign in Colorado last summer near Gunnison that I think read 'It Is Illegal To Deface Road Signs'. I couldn't tell for sure, it was pretty well shot-up.
By I.F.P...
One day at lunch a bunch of us decided to go to Mexican town for eats. As we were driving over noticed the car next too us had bullet holes in the windshield. Except his were real! I counted 6 of them before the light changed...
By DragonMa15
Ok, the bullet holes are pretty annoying, but the worst is the wiccan bumber stickers.... A shit box hyundai that is plasterd with bumber stickers about how unique and special you are really pisses me off. You are a fucking loser, and the asshole next to you in traffic is just as unique and special. Just check out her wiccan bumper stickers.....
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By Ajax
I know a wiccan whom I'd like to give a gasoline enema, then send her flaming ass racing off down the street and out of my life. She'd probably be ok if she'd just stfu, but that's not in the wiccan manual.
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By shutupandfish
RE: magnetized ribbons...Do the Support Our Troops / flag ones do anything to make armed forces people feel better or are they just enriching some opportunist and the factories in China stamping them out? Does having one or not having one make you any more or less of a patriot-citizen?I think they've become commodified and meaningless, if they weren't always. But if someone can persuade me they serve a purpose (and can promise me I won't be confused with someone who supports W.), I won't stick my fingers in my ears and go LA-LA-LA.
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By TX.
Originally posted by Paul Puckett:n please add on......
These fuckin' things are everywhere! Image
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By flashback
Saw a bumber sticker here that said [/img]irls may fake orgasms, but guys fake relationships." Maybe that goes along with the bullet hole decals.
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By TX.
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