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By Paint it Black
I'm heading to Chattanooga TN for New Years. I will be there from the 30th through Jan 3rd and would like to try to catch some fish.
I have never trout fished, so I have no idea what to expect. I have a 6wt Blue Halo fiberglass rod, is that sufficient? Or should I look into something else? Anyone from the area willing to help out with some knowledge? Also willing to trade islamorada or Everglades fishing if someone is willing to do the same.

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By CarelessEthiopian
Paint it Black wrote:I'm heading to Chattanooga TN for New Years.
So Salt Life, bro.

Aaahh, I'm just fucking with you, estrada.
Calling Dwayne wouldn't hurt, since he has a blog and all you guys should have plenty to talk about. Oh, and art and stuff.

Aaahh, just fucking with you again.
Seriously tho, PM jhnnythndr.
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By steelrain202
I grew up in Chatt, you've got the great smokey mountain national park near sevierville
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By bullship
four0four wrote:make sure you go to dollyworld

Why else would anyone go to Sevierville? I mean, there is a nice cracker barrel there, but you know.....

There is a man of legendary proportions that lives quite nearby and knows what one needs to know, and he is ordinarily very generous and friendly and such...but I'm not going to volunteer him. You're gonna want to fish tailwaters that time of year. 6 wt is good to go. Even better, bring an 8 with a 350 grain line.
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By cantfishforshit.
Paint it Black wrote:Any advice as to if my 6wt fiberglass is sufficient? Too much? I don't know anything about trout fishing.

If you get lucky on the HiWa you'll land an 18-20" fish. A six weight will do. If you go to the mountains, it's a bit much but you can work with it. I recommend using a 5x leader, down to 5x tippet and then a bit of 6x on the end. Those little bastards in the mountains are super spooky. Most of them will see the 5x, unless you are down low in the valley. There are some areas in North Georgia that are close by too but I don't know much about them. Try calling the local fly shop.

Edit: PM me if you want me to show you around one afternoon. I can take off of work a little early and meet you in the park. There are some large fish in there (a friend caught a 22" brown earlier this year) but most of them are in the 8-12" range.
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By TX.
Even though you're not popular here, I'll give advise.
You will probably be disappointed, it ain't salt life....
Catching the trout in the park is akin to: Image
...But they're prettier.

If you fish the tailraces they are bigger, but non native (and prolly right off the truck), and they don't taste as good as salt fish.

Take the 6#, contact 3 Rivers in Knoxville, look for carp (if you thought you had to put a fly on a redfish's nose, this will give you a new perspective on accurate casting and not spooking fish.)

Dollywood gets my vote, hands down.
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By cantfishforshit.
Yeah, I would definitely go carp if they are biting this time of year (I have no idea). Hiwassee River Outfitters can give you directions if you want to hit the tail water. I tend to catch slightly bigger trout than most do in the mountains, but my best on any day is usually in the 10-12" range. There are some beautiful hikes up to brookie territory but again the fish are pretty's more of a hike in nature than anything. Fishing here, for the most part, pales compared to fishing out west. Park fish are colorful though:



and you'll get to see a lot of this:


You can get a special permit to fish the Pigeon Forge area and I believe it is stocked with larger fish too and it's very nearby...just a few miles down the road as you head toward Gatlinburg.

Good Stuff right there-thank you sir.

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