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Cover art by Brad McMinn, Illsutration by Bob White, Photography by Mexico Returns, published by Woolly Bugger Press.

Kindle Edition: ... rns+kindle

I've been working on publishing the collected post of Mexico from the suk. Brad McMinn and Bob White, have donated artwork, Fatman helped with the archives of the post, and Tom Bie gave the project the green light. The book will be available on Amazon soon, with profits benefiting the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

Check out the Mexico Returns Facebook group for more info as the project develops. ... 669020788/

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The presses are rolling
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By Da Ax
In the words of the late Cliff Burton: Abso-muthafuckin'-lutely!!!
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By Da Ax
Bears Fan wrote:Who?
Deceased bassist for'd have to watch Cliff Em All to catch the reference...
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a great wringing of hands has occurred
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By mrl0004
Can't wait. :cool
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whatcha tying?

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