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Proof Copy of the Mug Looks Awesome! Thanks to Brad McMinn for his awesome work!

You know you want a chance to win a Mexico Returns Mug.
the only way to get one is to LIKE the Mexico Returns FB Page.
When we hit 500 likes we will randomly select one winner!

So do it today, don't delay![/report]
I read this the other day... Bunch of crap...Dipshit who wrote it didn't know shit about shit...Hell I don't even think he exists, or if he does, he's a chick...Can't believe WB and those other smendricks had anything to do with it...It's gonna drag their dicks into the mud...

I am stoked I won the mug in the Facebook contest tho...
Even holy men approve.* Disclaimer- I really didn't want to do this. I had to threaten to kick some Muay Thai fighter's ass to get the last copy to even take the photo, and If I hadn't been drinking home made moonshine and huffing paint thinner I doubt I would have done it.
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[report]The Limited Edition of five copies, printed on 70 lb Mohawk Via, has made the rounds from me to Brad, then on to Bob, who graced them with a remarque, and then to Kevin (fatman) and down south to Mexico for the final autograph. I just got my copy back yesterday. It's been a pleasure to work with all of them on this project!


Sharing the magic that is Bob White!







These Limited First Editions go to Brad McMinn, Bob White, Kevin Symes, Mexico Returns, and myself...

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Got home at 6pm and Mexico was freezing on the porch.
Just read it cover to cover. Fun read!
Dude has a sik imagination. Like AJ on acid.
[report]Handbound Books for Jerms & BJ

Folded and Smyth sewn by candlelight and Hopslam

Glued the endpapers, backing, headbands and tapes.

Left a hidden message on the spine. Never to be seen again, but you know it's there!

Cased in with a spiffy red Italian book cloth.

Wrapped in the dust jacket featuring Brad's fabulous art and shipped to be autographed by Mexico.

Good luck to Jerms and BJ. ... &start=130[/report]
Ironic that MikeO "the writer" finds himself published.
Maybe ya wanna send him a copy.
Latest review on Amazon from Charles C. about sums it up.
A veritable cyclone of depravity, intertwined with a lifetime of know-how. Hemingway's 21st century counterpart. Mexico Returns, a venerable contender for "The Most Interesting Man in the World".
Glad you enjoyed the read Charles!
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