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By slapshot

By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Even though no one really answered my question, Ive come to the understanding that kettle is in fact slang for watch.

That being said, look at that high tech thingamajig. How far off do you think we are from some newb, or even some longtimer, putting up pictures or videos either wearing, or being taken from, those Google glasses thingies? I mean, there are people out there that are making videos with GoPros fixed on their heads so it cant be far off.
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By jhnnythndr
how far off from that are we in parsecs you mean? or whatever math it was that they were talking about? or how far off in more holistic sense, lime- the changing of seasons is upon us? I'm confuse
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By jhnnythndr

To me thats a good question more so in that it specifically relates to a more natural way of measuring time goin by. In the way it was phrases- or at least caused me to think about it- so it was applicable with all the kettle business. I've yet to fish a day wearing Mitch's watch.

I think in terms of tides over the short term, steelhead and salmon returns over the long term. There are a bunch of things tat happen at the same time every year- an they are spread out enough that combined with weather I always know pretty much exactly when it is

And then there are all the holidays on the normal calendar to keep as reality checks- just makin sure you are still on track, so to speak. I cut the end of my thumb off when I was 22- and it was sewn back in place. I asked the dr when the nail would grow back and he told me "about when the azaleas bloom you should see new growth. Several months later- azaleas and new thumb nail both start coming in pretty nicely.

So- I'm not sure how far off either mathematically or metaphorically because I haven't any notion of why the glasses are. I know I've posted pics here from the takeout on my phone before which is mostly a camera laptop Walkman. So why the fuck there are n t glasses and headphones doing the same thing- or tshirts or teeth fillings so unobtrusive you'll never know its there- I dunno but it's probably just not catching in as quickly as phones.
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By jhnnythndr
Another thing would be if the glasses ha an app that made everything look lime robocop or terminator or iron mans POV- that's be cool. Also- if they had a better autocorrect I'd probably get them.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
The cell phone camera is the greatest contribution to fishing photography to come along since my birth. Mainly because it dissuades me from taking fish pictures since its a hassle to dig around for a cell phone, unlock the stupid thing, successfully navigate to the camera, then take a picture without dropping the thing in the water so less fish flop around, however briefly, and more, basically all, just get shook off the hook and plopped back into the water.

We all know what happens when I try to take fish pictures, or even worse fish videos...

...what is called 'Fish Porn' by some becomes more to akin to a snuff film.
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By jhnnythndr
Well be that as it may, I still feel the context of your initial, or rather your secondary (subsequent to kettle) query was a bit vague. You need to not reall use your phone as a phone. Just use it as a camerA. the noisy imgry of the cell phone pic - learning to work not within- with the constraints of the medium- mama don't take my Kodachrome away!!! These are the future timeless classic quirky unique, character laden in there way- cameras of the era. Just as I stil have an old 210 or 220 cartridge camera whatever size that was, and still have a Polaroid, and still have a k1000- long after I haven't a data plan or phone service- I will have this camera.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
I dont know what we are talking about, but I wanted to add that I, too, own a K1000 and a few lenses; however, I typically carry one of my Olympus OMs (Ive a OM-1 and OM-2) if I am going to take any photos. They are more gooder systems.
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By jhnnythndr
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:... How far off do you think we are from some newb, or even some longtimer, putting up pictures or videos either wearing, or being taken from, those Google glasses thingies? I mean, there are people out there that are making videos with GoPros fixed on their heads so it cant be far off.

I'm asking you to clarify the context of this question. Are you asking it in the context of these other fellows asking andnd want someone to mathematically calculate how far away that is- and I don't know if garmin watches have that good a calculator with the GPS , or if you were askin specifically in regards to his kettle for him to consult it, and find out "when" as in "how far off" or "at which hour" or if you were asking it more metaphorically- as though seasons were changing- and how much longer will it be until winter is over/ spring arrives- kind of way.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
I dont know. I suppose we could start a pool for this where everyone can choose a time in which they are confident by purchasing a time block with $1 then whomever is closest gets the pot. I feel like we've done this here before, only with flies instead of cash money. Im ok with either option, really, so long as its fair and all the participants are in good standing so we can be sure everyone will pay/tie their fair share. Speaking of which, I remember I owe someone some flies from one of these fly pools. However in my defense I specifically remember asking multiple times where I should send the flies and not being answered.
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By dunk
BaggerMcGuirk wrote:I say in.
So, are we gonna meet yur ass since yur so close? ... =1&t=24670

And bring some tweed.

Dunk and Carp you guys going in Feb?
If so, shoot me PMs.
Same goes for the big bear po po
Still looking good...

How big is the Rhino?
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By Kfoxwyo
You are of course correct, a Mannlicher chambered in 44mag
I will look into Spicy proposed dates and see if I can attend, thanks for the sudo invitation
That particular rifle is in Montana so I cannot provide a full image, maybe in May if I can remember this request. It was a gift from my grandfather and serves as a camp gun now
As to my ethnic background,
I am not smart enough to be Asian nor do I work hard enough anymore to be Hispanic. Just another white guy, who could lose 40 pounds. With regards to the balance of the banter, I am not clever or do I have the wit of fishskibum or jhnnythunder so I will let it run it course...

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