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By jhnnythndr
So what action is that on? Is it a ruger 77 or something more um refined. Like a number 1

I have an old ruger 44 mag semi auto carbine. 60s gun. That model was Ruger's first long gun. 44 mag is so good.

Anyways- which swap do you owe? That's what they call those pools. Swap. Which one was it? Look- and what exactly are we placin a time on- like what are we guessing? Oh shit- when what you were talking about happens. I'd say by next harvest. For sure.

What about an app for the glasses to make everything look like you have robocop's POV. Or terminator or something? They should do that now- lime yesterday- but when do you think they will?

Haha- or- how about this, zombie gunship for the glasses- but your just shootin everything you see while you walk around. So it's like you are using the glasses as a target designator and then you get fire on whatever it is. That would be cool as shit. Smart bomb- for google glasses.... Hahaha. 99c seppo.
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jhnnythndr wrote:Another thing would be if the glasses ha an app that made everything look lime robocop or terminator or iron mans POV- that's be cool. Also- if they had a better autocorrect I'd probably get them.

They Live

Like the ones Hot Rod Peter Piper wore......

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By jhnnythndr
Rowdy roddy piper? Was that what you meant? Have you fallen victim to a sub par auto correct?
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By Kfoxwyo
Semi auto, tube feed not the rotary detachable magazine. At least with my ability to use a firearm, accurate within 100 yards. As to the balance of your inquiry, I am at a loss of words. But this guy might be in the same Zombie camp? It also appears that I am not smart enough to embed a file. I will refrain from reply until I developed this skill so not to anger Aguirre..
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By Aguirre
pbrstreetgang wrote:
Aguirre wrote:Can you calculate the distance of Proxima Centauri from the earth in parsecs taking parallax into consideration and figure out its apparent magnitude?
you dick.
how the fuck can you claim any sort of parallaxical measurement when you have no true heliocentric station? It can only be assumed. And why would you want appmag here? Cosmic distance ladder?

ps - the answer is ~1.301 parsecs, or roughly 4.2 light years. Appmag is 11.05, variable - but that last number is just one of three measurements
You're so fucking stupid dude.
Duh? Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle? Nice try though. You're not nearly asian enough to sit at this table big boy. Go back to the children's pen.
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#550658 was an inside joke that I had in high of my friends mistakenly called him that one 20 years ago. I only have called him that since then.

I had one to my credit too.....albeit a bit more obscure. Back when Jim McMahon was the quarterback for the Eagles, I said "Yeah, Ed McMahon is a pretty big guy"

which, he is.

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By jhnnythndr
That's the same 44 mag I have. Tube fed semi auto. That was Ruger's first rifle. Pretty cool. I hadn't laid eyes on a manmlicher version. I have iron sites and I shoot clay pigeons on a berm at 100 to confirm zero. I bought mine as present to myself after ranger school. I had always had an eye for them- since I was about 9-10- 4th grade and saw something about them in field and stream that David Petzal wrote.

What I'm talking about would be google glasses that have an app that makes it seem lime YOU are robocop or terminator- no like everything else is- though that too would be a cool app. Basically you are killing it for me right now and I don't even want the fuckin things anymore even though I appreciate that you brought up rowdy roddy piper, who is too rarely discussed. Escape from frog town or whatever was the best movie. Probably my desert island movie. In fact- for a desert island I would bring either my iPhone or a pair of glasses that had a camera and an app to make it look like I was robocop and had targeting and stuff, a ruger 44 mag, and and justice for all on the mp3 part of my phone or the glasses whichever I brought.
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By jhnnythndr
And that escape from frog town- on the phone or glasses also
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Speaking of Hot Rod Peter Piper, my parents owned a popular bar in South Jersey for 15 years or so.....all of the Philadelphia Flyers and WWF wrestlers used to hang out there, including Hot Rod Peter Piper. All of the Flyers/Wrestlers used to live in Jersey, because Philly was such a shithole (back then).

My Dad has a signed picture of Bobby Clarke sitting at one of the tables in his bar, eating a slice of bar pizza.

My brother told me two great stories:

1. Jimmy Superfly Snuka was this enormous Fijian wrestler that was also an alcoholic wife abuser that frequented my Dad's bar. His wife called the Cherry Hill cops to their house one night, and it took 6 of them to bring this dude down, even though he was just drunk, not PCP'd up or anything. He was supposedly just freakishly large and ripped.....and drunk....and violent. Who would have thought, being he was a professional wrestler.

Snuka.jpg (6.84 KiB) Viewed 551 times

2. My brother dated a chick whose dad owned a successful construction business, and he was working iin the basement this house one morning, when everything went black, the sun was blotted out. Turns out it was King Kong Bundy's pad, and the guy walked around to see what was going on. Opposite of Superfly Snuka, KKB was the nicest guy ever, and sat and bullshitted with the laborers for 20 minutes, thanking them profusely for the work they were doing. He said, aside from the dude's stature, you would never know he was a dude who wore spandex in the ring.[report]
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By Bobwhite
where do I sign up to be a Tattoo artist?

I've wasted half of my life...


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