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By Mike Honcho
[report] ... super+bowl

Ok, post your general discontent about how your football team sucks and loses like those shitty Eagles of mine. Also, sign up for general disappointment when you lose the pool.

Six flies of any gender or species to the winner. You are responsible for sending them to said winner.

I'll take 24 more drakians who don't suck.

If you owe flies from any of the first 5 pools you are not allowed.

1. Honcho
2. Wooly Bugger
3. Fuk
4. PBR
5. Steelhound
6. Overbrook
7. PxaTim
8. Greenback
9. Das Ax
10. Skullion Childs
11. Lurgee
12. Brownsville
13. Ironman
14. Grizz
15. Raffa
16. The good Pastor
17. Carpe Diem
18. Hogleg
19. Mr. Don
20. Pedorro
21. Wingnut
22. Streamer
23. Average Joe
24. Kyle
25. WC(by default)
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By The_Fuk
Since your shitty team is my team too, and all I tie are shitty flies; I'm in to be disappointed again.

By steelhound
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By overbrook
Can I be in if I suck just a little?? In.
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By Da Ax
Bronco's x2.

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By Lurgee

When I don't win I am hoping to see Pastor Ben catch more fish on my flies this year.
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