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By austrotard
TX. wrote:
bathroom doors have lift hinges, tough guy.

failing that you can pull the bottom of the door or through the grate.
typical fucking dumb ass. I'll bet he's an engineer when he's not bashing dunnies.
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By BigTimber
austrotard wrote:
TX. wrote:
I'll bet he's an engineer when he's not bashing dunnies.
It's going to be a long trip across Victoria.....
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By overbrook
fly-chucker wrote:back on track


Thankfully chicks like this are'nt attracted to me or I'd be divorced,broke and have a wicked mad rash!
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By RaZ
ive got something in mind...
getting some supplies this weekend.
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By SageBrush
Thank Dog for a goal post.............and what a mess if that linesman/woman getting in the way had changed the outcome.

Great edge of the seat game, stellar effort by two good teams.
I think Women's Hockey has come of age.
The Leafs could use Kessel's sister. :cool
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By MTgrayling
TX. wrote:[report]Image

U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn was taking a shower, the door jammed, and …[/report]
I was having lunch in camp one day when I hear a banging. Then more. Ok weird. I check it out and there's a claustrophobic orvis cover guy trapped in the shitter! He's trying to kick the door open, then the windows. Not happening. This is a fibreglass outhouse, not the normal concrete ones. Anyway, the dudes freakin' out, scratching like an animal. I get a screwdriver and after 20 minutes we popped the lock.

I laugh everytime I dump there. The cleat sratches all over the inside will confuse people for years.

I saw the guy a few times after on the river, he turned away perhaps embarrassed by his wild display.

I have yet to see an olympic event from these games, but I do glimpse the mountain on occasion.
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By Pedorro
North America is in equilibrium again.
Canukistan owns hockey BABY!
Can you spell SHUTOUT?
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