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did anyone mention the duck fuckers? they can all suck on the barrel of a 12.
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By Randall Dee
austrotard wrote:
Yard Sale wrote:

here's the fuck.
shut the cunting thing off. unplug it and fuck it into the bin.
it's useless and it's programmed for fucking retards (and women.)
seriously. I'm not fucking about. total. fucking. mongoloids.
I'd sooner suck my own balls or break my neck trying than watch any of that shit.

if it wasn't for these two little bishes I wouldn't have the fucking thing in the house.
I hate it. I hate every fucking thing about it to the core of my black fucking heart.
I feel that strongly about it I won't pay the bill. I throw it at the missus.
"I'm not paying for this shit." I say... "you fucking pay it... or get shot of it."

and I'm surprised a miserable old bastard like you hasn't already figured this one out.

-brought to you by fox news.
Yeah, spending all your time in an internet chat room is so much more culturally rewarding.
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By MTgrayling
Remember the movie "looker"? Susan Dey showed tits. We got there sometime in the last 5 years.

Touche Randall.
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By The Wandering Blues
I remember as a kid in the UK. There was BBC, BBC2, and ITV and they sucked. Mostly, we stayed outside getting drunk on shandy.
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By tailchaser
T.J. Brayshaw wrote:Titties!!!!!!!

Sooooo embarrassing... :coffee
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By tailchaser
I like watching survivor man...

but i don't shop at walmart.
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By tailchaser
SLSS wrote:Every time I think something along the lines of, Who would watch this shit? or Who the fuck would have voted for that asshole?, I stick my head in the local Walmart.

There wandering the aisles is our populace, and it pretty much explains the clusterfuck we're sinking into.
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By dunk
Our kid - now 20 something asked us the other day what we thought was the best thing we did as parents. The question hadn't really been posed before but simultaneously and without hesitation we both responded "NO TV!"

I wish I could say it was all intentional but, really, the fucker broke and we were busy with new career, wife in grad school and all that shit. Initially it was procrastination but then seemed like a good thing so we just stuck with it until the kid was 13 or 14.

No TV was hands down the best parenting move we made. If you have any kids - throw the fucking things out - NOW...

DVD bullshite too...
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By Yard Sale
MTgrayling wrote:I had to find a tv so Yard could watch phootball. I got none.
That's just because you and Root picked a fight with the sheguide and couldn't go to the bar.

Watching the game was cool. The first shower in 5 days was heaven!
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By Wingnut
Football, Futbol, PBS, Some BBC stuff and that's it for me. The wife on the other hand…….fuck me she watches all that America's got no talent, and any spinoff from that shit. I head to the bench and tie.


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