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By gadflyfisher
Poor pouty baby.You involved yourself in something that had nothing to do with you.
You went out of your way to be an ass and got shit back.
Who could have thought that would happen.

Now you whine and play the victim.
Blame RFA for you own actions.
By bcollins
we were talking about hogs and steelhead in my state right , so who butting in homey , you are from Ca i take it cuz you own all this right , dont worry , it's just the norco talkin..
By bcollins
so come on , tell me how you kill hogs with your recurve and catch steelhead with your bamboo rod in California pouty puss ? Love to hear your butting in war
By bcollins
so come on , i cant wait to hear how you take the turkey wing primarys and use them for fletching on your arrows to bury them in a hogs ( over a hundred pounds ) arm pit or catch steelhead with sea lice on your boo dood , come on prove all your bullshit , my birddog is waiting dood , lay it on thicker and heavier as you go, hmmmm...
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By CarpeTructa
truteya wrote:Thanks all around for the replies. I appreciate the discussion. These are magnificent creatures and they elicit a strong response. I have no doubt that swinging for these fish is spectacularly rewarding and well worth the long hours it takes to get grabs. I desperately want to try it on my next trip. But this was my first steelhead trip, it was my birthday, and I live a long way from steelhead water. It was my intention to get as many steelhead as possible to eat the golden stonefly nymphs that I'd been so stoked to tie in the previous weeks, and my guide was happy to help me do it. If you feel the need to bust my balls about that, knock yourself out.

I do a lot of dry fly fishing and sometimes find myself looking down my nose just a bit when I pass a guy with a bobber. I do not, however, stop him and tell him he's not getting the full experience cause he's not fishing dry. Even if it might be true, I run the risk of coming across as a bit of a douche to a fellow fisherman.
That was a classy response that needs to be quoted again. Good on ya, man. Nice report and congrats on your first steelhead!

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