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By BobLoblaw
Zor wrote:Thanks KP. I can't seem to put that kind of stuff into words.
Few can.
We're extremely fortunate to have folks like K_P and a handful of others who can elevate this place with their prose.

Great stuff, Kelly; looking forward to the next installment!
By BobLoblaw
RaZ wrote: the first shower selfie in Drake History?

Who says it was a "selfie"?
We don't know what sort of debauchery K_P & the other fellas get up to... :mrgreen:
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By cantfishforshit
Well, hell...that was awesome.
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By fatman
extremely stellar :smile
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By Ajax
Steve Austin goes fishing... Who knew?
By get er done
fine truth in these words KP, keep 'em coming.........
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