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By ohflyfish
[report]I finally had the chance to head up north after the ice jams went away and the temps started to warm up. Nothing better than chasing some fresh chrome up on the tribs. Lots of fish in the smaller rivers but only saw four to five people the whole trip. Spent three days living out of the car only spending money on gas and beef jerky. The pictures should help explain the rest.Imagefirst fish, second castImageImagespent some time trying to get a jumping fish..ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagesmaller guy but had the best colors of the trip.. pic doesn't do him justiceImageImageImagewhy I love steelheadImageImagethat wasn't a steelhead, on the swingImageImageImage no idea what this belonged to. it was about the size of my handImageImageImageImageImagesome classic scenery of the erie tribsImageand the big boy.[/report]
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By Lando
I'd have budgeted in some funds for strippers and booze.
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By D-nymph
ChaseChrome wrote:Wait til Rammers sees the "bobber"...
And the ones that were foul hooked in the face.
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By Ramcatt
ohflyfish wrote:[report]... Nothing better than chasing some fresh chrome up on the tribs....[/report]
do you have any pictures of those?

D-nymph wrote:
ChaseChrome wrote:Wait til Rammers sees the "bobber"...
And the ones that were foul hooked in the face.
WOAHHH hold on a second
you mean fish don't eat with their eyeballs and under the jaw?
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By cerevisiaephilus
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By root wad
Somehow I get the feeling this may not go so very well. Plus this whole peekaboo pose thingy sure got old even before the first time I saw it. Is that supposed to be the new cool?
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By jerome
Wow, snagging average size rainbow trout in ditches.....

Swinging with a bobber???? really??? that is like calling these fish fresh chrome and calling that ditch a creek... Its bullshit.

Somewhere a Sasquatch is crying for fucking fuck's sake.

You need to be and I really hope you are savagely butt-raped by a sexually confused and deviant Bigfoot for such shit and kept in his cave as his gimp for a while. Stoned by a wookie or eating shit and setting yourself on fire just isn't painful enough.


This should get good...
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By bullship
I had a pretty strong feeling that this wasn't going well, but I wasn't necessarily expecting sexual assault and gimp servitude per Bigfoot. Way to go, kid. Way to go.
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By CarpeTructa
Jealousy rears its ugly head. Pay no attention to the peanut gallery, looks like a great trip. :cool
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