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Sorry, I left yall hanging.... my internet took a shit. And its the time of year that landscaping and stream restoration projects are keeping me busy. Got to pay the bills when you are waiting for 10 ft+ snow in the Tetons,etc.. to melt off.

So finally have internet again, beat a vicious bug that kicked my ass for over a week, and looks like some rain days coming up.... I will add more soon and many pics.

As for today, I have a hot blond(two legged kind) wanting to fish and the local is as good as it gets pre-blow out.(pics to follow) Plus Ms.Yellow Dog is demanding a boat ride. I will not deny her that, after all it was this week 12 years ago that one of the finest dogs that I will ever have the honor of owning and hunting behind, came into my life as a hell hound of a 8 week old lab pup. When she was retrieving at 10 weeks, it was a lot easier to over look the evil pup that would come out and dip rolls of tp in the toliet, the destroy them and shit on top when she was bored or pissed about something. She still thinks like a young one, last week she jumped into the South Fork and even though she swam downstream to a calm spot around the corner, had to be run down with my boat. Scared the absolute shit out of me.

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