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My reel does it quite nicely. You just have to remember to take your finger off the trigger before your boober breaks the tiptop off your rod. I little practice with a friends rod goes a long way.
intriguing. I may need to test this theory. Need to trek to the local BassProShop to find a bait that's small enough to cast. :smile

Wait, does anyone have a Pro Deal?
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no, but Clouser JR. works at the one close to here. isnt auto/ spring the same thing? guess you would have to have one in the ball park of the speed of the retrive you are looking for.
I was thinking I could rig the motor of an RC car to my Hardy reel somehow to make it spin fast enough for buzzbait retrieval. Ill have a battery pack attached to a wrist band then run the wiring from the battery park to the fixed RC motor which, after casting, can be flipped on with a switch which will make that buzzbait do its thing.

This is a backup plan, however, as itll be moot if these auto retrieve reels have the powah to burn a buzzbait.
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:I think thats a thing.

Do you reckon the retrieval power on these things is potent enough to properly fish a buzzbait with a fly rod?
learn the power of the apostrophe and then eat a dick.

with a c,

Greenback wrote:Whatever you do, be careful if opening an automatic reel. That coil spring is a bitch to put back in the right place. Holy hell it sucks.

You'll only do it once… :coffee
This is pure bullshit.

I think you should by the highest quality (read: most expensive) automatic reel you can find. Don't worry about affordability--spend even more money than you feel you can afford.

The reason I say this is because the quality of the spring steel goes up dramatically in the high priced autos. This is critical, given what I'm about to tell you.

The secret to achieving the results you desire is opening up said reel, shortening the spring by a full third, and then heat-tempering/oil quenching the spring. By doing so, you'll improve both the speed, strength, and durability of the spring.

After you've completed the tempering process, re-install the spring (trust me, it's a snap.)

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