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By PastorBen
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. --Mae West.

Well it’s been along while since I have had a chance to do any fishin’, what with my recent medical issues and then returning to work after a six week absence. And the fact that I am not allowed to drive till mid August, has kept me away from the rivers…the last few weeks have been somewhat stressful…it would seem, for some folks in the parish, that a pastor with an affliction is not desirable, or effective…so my last Sunday here in the ruby valley will be the 29th of June, ….enough of that though.

Last week a very dear friend(Ben)and his wife made the drive from Helena(100+ miles) just to get me out on the river. We fished the Beaverhead near Twin and had a great day… there were Mother's Day caddis, BWO’s and some Olive stone flies coming off and the fishes were looking up and the takes were very aggressive. The Sweetgrass ‘boo got a good work out…. It was really nice to focus on the cast and the take. It was even nice to have the breeze(wind) blowing the cobwebs out of the old brain pan.

On Sunday it would be announced, during the services, that I would be leaving and while my detractors tried to make it look as though it was my decision, most of the folks knew the score….

Early Monday afternoon, would find me doing a funeral, for one of my parishioner’s (Tony) brother. When I got home my buddy from Butte was waiting for me and once again I was headed to the river…it was cloudy and drizzly and once again the fishes were active and hungry. We fished for about two hours and fishes were caught and missed…but it was a great cleansing time for this old boy….

Tuesday would bring more bad news Tony’s Son died unexpectedly Monday night…so once again it was into the breech… we worked out a small family service for Saturday afternoon..

My buddy from Butte showed up again on Thursday afternoon and announced we were headed to the river again….it was sunny with a few scattered clouds and the Barometric pressure was dropping like a lead balloon.. By this time I was feeling a little whooped, but the sight of risers in the foam line was enough to get a good adrenalin surge going… and we fished steadily for 3 hours, fishes were caught and missed on size 18 Adams, size 16 ECH, Size 6 CFO ant and size 8 chubby chernobles… and once again the ‘boo got a good work out…Finally, I spent about ½ hour just sittin’ on the bank basking in the moment, watching a pod of fishes feasting on a BWO and Mother’s day caddis buffet. And all was right with the world..

Both Ben and Paul helped me to see the positive aspects of my current situation, which I was aware of, but my grief was masking. I will be taking a year’s leave of absence from the pulpit. I’m leaving the Ruby Valley, and the rivers of SW Montana to go live with my wife and family in Jackson Wyoming (for the first time in 9 years) and, as Ben pointed out I will have the Snake river (in the park), the south fork, the Teton river, the Hoback river, the Grays river, and the Henrys fork all with an hours drive….and I will be spending time with my Grandson….and Ben asked “how is this Bad?” I will miss this valley and the folks I have come to love, but now I'm focused on the move….. Oh yeah, as I said, the 29 of June is my last Sunday in the pulpit, after the service in Twin Bridges (service starts at 11am) there is a BBQ party planned, soooo if your in the neighborhood stop in and join the festivities…

My apologies for the lack of photos… these are the only ones I had time for..

Paul on the Beaverhead


just another day in Paradise


Mz Ashley’s thought for the day

Sometimes it’s just about rollin’ in the Grass….


Grace and peace

Ben and Mz Ashley
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By K_P
I have a love/hate relationship with the Church, Ben--I think you know that.

It's hard for me to appreciate what's happening to you, after all you've given, and after all that's been taken from you as well.

You're a good man, a fine friend, and I believe you deserve better.

Hang in there.

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By B.M. Barrelcooker
Ah hell PB ,,, you've always got a parish right here .

I pray the time with your grandson is priceless. It will be to him.
By Wholetmygoatsout
As one door closes another one opens ..but you are wise enough to know that PB.

May the force be with you as you move forward in life to the next chapter.
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By Bigguy
Well Ben, flock as you know, flock herding is tougher than most would think, even for the best of them. I am certain that if you decide to continue, you'll find an even better place. On a brighter note, it was good to hear that you have managed to get out some, it always does the heart good. Enjoy your time with the grandson. Oh, just to keep you in practice, please keep herding the Suk, we certainly need it and appreciate it.
By Dave M
Pastor Ben.......

Of all the guys (and Gals..if only a few) that post here at The Suk I think I enjoy your posts (and Miz Ashley...of course) the most. You're always kind and thoughtful. With all you've been through these last few years being treated like this from your congregation must be rough. Stay strong, my friend. Please keep posting here and letting us know how you're doing.

Dave M
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By The Wandering Blues
I'd reckon you're closer to God on a river. Out there, there's no preaching- just a quite conversation between you and whomever or whatever you bow your head to.

Best wishes. If I was a church-goer, it would be to hear you.
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By Lando
Though it is difficult to believe that anything that smart came from Ben's mouth (I'm still in shock he landed Jas), he is right. There is so much water for you to explore, it's crazy. Besides, now you're that much closer to the Luau.
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By Bobwhite
It saddened me, Ben, to hear how poorly you've been treated by some to whom you've given so much.

And, it brightened me to watch how and where you've landed.
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By fallen513
God bless you, Ben... the best is yet to come.
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By Kfoxwyo
Saddens indeed. Humans can be so cruel, and few have the ability to actually see how they influence those arounds them and the effect it has on others.
When the times comes for your move PB, shoot me a note and I will generate a list of my favorite fishing spots in and around JX. The Gros Ventre in years with reasonable water was/is still in my top three rivers, not a lot of fish and not massive either but quite, No boats floating by, accessible and remarkable each day I spend there. I am sorry that your are departing the Ruby Valley, I had hoped one day to stumble across you and Mz. Ashley but maybe one afternoon well cross paths on the GV instead.
Be well,

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