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By slapshot
Don't get much better than that.
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By ncguy
Apparently we have different ideas on what a 'good' smallie is.
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Thanks guys. Things are definitely starting to get good out there. We tried some topwater but other than a goggle-eye and a tiny smallmouth we couldn't get any takers. The next best thing is watching them slam a big ole DD as you strip it back to the boat , which is what we did. The topwater bite is just around the corner though... :cool
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By foureyedgeek
My trip to camp had nothing but high water. This is A-okay with me.
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By Aguirre
me and PBS want to go to summer camp together.
where the fuck is it?
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By Aguirre
Am I the only one that gets this fuckin bullshit on my typing these days?
Is this a virus?
Do I have the AIDS?

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By Aguirre
WTF dude?
Pharma adds and BMW and God damn dating sites to the right??!!
No fuckin way.
I do have AIDS.
Michelle, what do I do now?
I'm scared...
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By MTgrayling
This one time at small-mouth camp ...

Nice guys!

Aggs is seeing things I'm not l. I feel left out. Blame NAD.

oh yea :Roll Eyes



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