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By K Squared
Okay, so i've really stayed away from joing in on the assaults on FAOL because that sort of thing plays to a bad part of my personality, but i went looking for the "rate FAOL on a scale" thread, just because i couldn't believe that they'd be so gay as to start that kind of thread. I couldn't find it, but i did find this: the dumbest thread i've ever seen I have no response to this.
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By Gee
Thats.... Well.....Ummmmmmmmmmmmm......Dont know quite how to put it.n To each his own I guess.
Well, here's a response for you.I've stayed out of this crap on both sides..n But, if there's one thing I hate in this world it's a freakin' bully - and anything worse than that - it's a key board bully..I frequent both sites and I haven't read the thread since the first few posts. I suggest you do the same.Or better yet.. Get a real job - or better than that - go fishing.
ImageThat thread. Stunning.But I agree with HideHunter, I guess. Why bother? Is it really worth it?Granted, I come at this with no axes to grind. I'd never seen LOAF until I found this board. Lots (though certainly not all) of those other boards are fine for zooming in and grabbing a fly pattern or whatever, but The Drake is the only one that entertains me enough to come back every day. I'd rather put my energy into having fun here, and reserve my spite for clowns or Reese Witherspoon.

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Okay assholes.. you made me spit perfectly good Absolut on my "keyboard". ;)
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By Gee
Yeah, I as well never knew that FAOL existed until I started browsing through the posts here. You gotta admit, FAOL aside, it is pretty amusing though.Hey have any of you guys ever checked out they have a pretty decent pattern database and there is usually a good fly swap going almost constantly. This site however, has gotten me wearing diapers due to the almost constant pissing of myself with hysteria.
Originally posted by HideHunter:n Get a real job - or better than that - go fishing.
And therein lies the rub, my "real job" has for the last 40+ days prevented me from getting anywhere near the water.Gave up dippin' for Lent; have wondered all along how that would go when i went fishing. Haven't been able to find out yet.In addition , it's Relationship Development Week at my house, and it's rained every day this week that my boys haven't had soccer practice. That's my excuse for being pissy, what's yours?
dammit Wookie.. Every time I see it, that jumping up and down kid just about makes me "pee pee" my own self. :) Well - Okay, fr fly, That's an excuse. I've been married for 35 years - so I've been celibate for 25 or so.. so if I seem touchy... sorry.. but at least I've fished 6 out of the last 7 days. Took a day off to shoot a turkey.

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