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catfish wrote:IMHO: Permit are acceptable eats but Pompano, though related, are much better. Neat, simple, preparation, eats as in poached or broiled or baked in a parchment bag...all with unsalted butter, fresh lime or lemon, salt pepper hint or hinting more of garlic. All cooked same day of catch and faded memories of SWFLA when you could: top fish 20-30 lb jewfish, close second snook, then pompano, then red grouper under 10 the distance all the rest ...the best restaurant fish last five years KW Hogfish but the best was East Cape Baja sierra mackerel at Palmas de Cortez

fried freshwater specs >
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By mwk
1st Permit raw with soy sauce makes cleaning the rest easier
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By Cary
Cary wrote:Page five.

Who knew?
Fuck'n A!

Page Six! :cool :cool
By Zach Matthews
catfish wrote:
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:Question. .... How else do you catch tripple tail on the fly. ?

Pots and pilings is all I've ever known or heard of.

Awesome fish. I'd love to learn anything about them.

Carry on with your argument.
My experience SW FLA Pots only...did not mean fly rod Triple on flats; moreover, since I eat them it's conventional spinning not fly and live shrimp or 1/4 oz jig tipped. For me conventional is more efficient...

Old post, whatever. I caught a tripletail on the fly off the Atlantic side of the north end of Jekyll Island, in sight of the Red Roof Inn and approximately one mile out in a strip up to the shipping channel on the north side of the island. Supposedly they only come there and to a couple other spots in the whole world to do their spawning dance. Local guides I have talked to said that 10-15 shots on fish would be a lot. We had a zillion. I probably saw 500 tripletail all told. The seas were downright shitty, about three feet of surf, and I was up on the front deck of a Hewes Redfisher variant they don't make any more that had an extra wide ass. I can't remember the name of the boat model but it was a heavy center console and we were getting worked. I just kept my knees bent and tried to stay with it -- got bucked several times and was all bruised up later.

The feed was super slow and high in the column. The only one I caught ate a Bearded Clam stripped suuuuuper slow, almost dead drifted in the 1-2 knot side current. I wish I had been using that fly all day; we had been on their "Bat Fly" thing earlier and we'd had multiple refusals before I finally gave up on local wisdom and started trying my own thing. The fish look like trashbags floating in the water because they sun sideways. They ranged from like Wal-Mart bag to trashcan lid in size. I caught one of the smaller ones but had very close looks at fish I would guesstimate at 25 lbs. It's hard to tell with fish shaped like that. I think this was in May.

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