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By Ginseng Sullivan

really poor taste, sexist ad there Cheeky marketing department. you literally laid your shitty reel on some whore's ass and think that's great advertising? Holy fuck man, absolutely terrible. hopefully you will never sell one of your reels to a Woman.

you know what this sport needs? yeah another shitty reel company with a really shitty (blatantly sexist) marketing department. that will help everyone.

i'm embarrassed for you since you seem incapable of it yourselves.
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By Redchaser
catfish wrote:Why...created on a cad/cam Apple Pro whilst sipping a double latte Starbucks on the Mystic River and made in China
I still want to know what they mean by "Progressive Fly Fishermen".
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i guess they suck really bad. i wouldn't buy one. i like Lamsons.
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
Don't buy the sexist thing...bullshit. But as soon as I see money drift off shore (because why? the CNC milling is so far superior in Asia?) and puts the screws to small shops who try to champion hard-won NA craftsmen ship, it sets me off. Kaveat: I don't really know where this stuff is fabricated, so excuse the rant.

And I know where this is going to go...wait for it.

In any event anything that says made in the USA or Canada is where my money goes...
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By P-A
I am with you man, thats just bad taste. But all you yankees are better
of buying Swedish. Danielsson fucking rocks......;)
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By Bears Fan
Well, they aren't bragging about dead tarpon (yet). Must have hired a UF grad for that shoot...
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By stripstrike
The ass they picked is less than inspiring.
midstream would not approve.
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By Ramcatt
Marketing "department".... Thanks for the laugh
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