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By austrotard
Socks wrote: and American honey in way to easy to drink
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really good stuff Socks
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By Redchaser
There's nothing not special about that.
By Chidester
Great weekend with some great guys. I was glad to be part of it. As Socks said I dropped the ball Saturday morning, but i THINK I had a good reason. Worked Friday night and surprisingly no one blew off their hand or shoved bottle rockets up their ass or any such nonsense. Actually got some sleep and was awoken by a call from a buddy Saturday AM. We chased some of these
And then these guys showed up
Sorry for the poor quality cell phone pics. We caught three more that size, but the phone died.

Met up with Fud and Socks later that evening and after a midnight ride to the land of toothies, we put in two days of hard fishing but none came to the boat. I missed an opportunity late in the float Sunday evening..........i suck. The rest is per the author of this report. Great weekend
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By foureyedgeek
Yes sir, that is mighty fine.
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By Transylwader
Well shit! It's good to see trouts being caught this side of town this time of year. Something special about Chidester n his damn oversize fishes. Well played lads!
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