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By The Volfish
A little texting last week suggested a Florida based bake in Spring of 2015, hopefully I'm not jumping the gun, but these kind of things take planning & moreover it will allow plenty of time for folks to sign up and ultimately not come.

Island camping spots are available in Mosquito Lagoon, a waterside watering hole is nearby and bugs won't be much of an issue in the spring, so what say we do this?

Probably the cheapest and easiest place on the planet to get to, Orlando and Orlando-Sanford airports are nearby. 45-60 minute drive to the coast.

If another locale is sought, throw it out there.
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By DeShootnestGent'man
This will not suck. Place me on the roster (plus my boat) and I'll take the "Dubbs Suite"... I need the white noise.
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By slapshot
I might need this if this winter is as bad as last year
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By southernstrain
You know I'm down for a spot. I'll bring the boat and canoe. My dad is 68 and can stand and fish from the most of you guys should be able to sight fish from it...If you're sober

edit: my spring break is 3/2-3/8 not sure if I will be able to get that whole week off at the moment. If we do it on different dates i'll be up Saturday-Monday no matter the dates
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By fatman
I might could wanna do this
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By Hogleg
fatman wrote:I might could wanna do this
X2 as long as I'm guaranteed a Tarpon.
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By Bears Fan
I owe DSG a day up front anyway. When is spring?
By redfin89
I'm in.....probably save a turkey's life if it's late March or April. Can provide numerous shots at fish with guarantee of refusals.
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By jerms
Very likely in, with a skiff.
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By Bruiser
I am very likely to be there.

Sounds fantastic. :cool
By get er done
i say make it many options there in early March
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